M824 small character CIJ printer

BTMARK continuous inkjet printer is a non-contact inkjet marking device for industrial use .This coding and marking machine can print 4 lines,and nozzle diameter is micron。R&D team developed Android operating system, ink system is stable and reliable, 10.1’’high-response TFL – LCD touch screen design, easy to operate, easy to maintain, low cost of use.

It is suitable for printing various materials, and it is easy to print in various industries such as date, time, batch number, graphics and Logo . Directly use the printer or use USB to import the desired graphic LOGO. Adopting dye ink, high adhesion for film, glass, metal, plastic, PE, PVC, paper, wood, rubber, etc. In addition, according to the requirements for different industries, our company has developed special ink supplies for anti-migration, high temperature resistance and alcohol resistance to meet the needs of various marking printing.( including standard inks, pigment inks, edible inks, anti-gasoline inks, UV inks, and the like.)

main feature:

Android operating system, easy to use,2 RFID control

Adopting the United States imported gear pump, durable and wearable.

Plug and use USB for easy backup/restore of printed text and configuration

Solvent bottle level alarm function ensures continuous and stable operation

Pop-up periodic device maintenance reminder

10.1’’high-response TFL – LCD touch screen, simple and easy to operate ACC UI

Passed CE/ISO900 certified

Display interface, communication ports:

10.1’’high-response TFL – LCD touch screen, simple and easy to operate ACC UI

Easily back up/restore print text and configuration with a plug-and-play USB flash drive for easy software upgrades

Sensor, synchronizer, USB, RJ45, RS232 etc.

Software control:

Using an external RFID chip to allow core loading, Android operating system, easy to use, stable and reliable

The whole machine shares 2 RFID chip controls for easy multitasking

User-friendly, easy-to-use, WYSIWYG display; integrated full-screen graphical editor for direct editing of graphics and logos, 4G flash storage space

One button to start,one touch to stop

The maintenance record to display a list of faults for easy maintenance

USB or Ethernet port software is automatically upgraded

Pop-up periodic device maintenance reminder

Real-time date and time display

Editing text easy to realize: mirror flip, double character interval character widening, character flip/upside down

Custom cursor moves dot matrix number (1~40)

Three counters can be added to the text, four shifts

Easily edit LOGOs and icons with a full-screen graphic editor

Multi-level passwords give different users different permissions

Multi-language software interface for easy switching

Ink system:

Simple design, easy to use, easy to maintain

Automatic pressure control

Automatic viscosity control

Adopting the United States imported gear pump,longer life and lower maintenance cost. It is more suitable for dye-based inks.

Temperature sensor for precise control of machine ink system viscosity by monitoring temperature changes

No external compressed air drive required

Pressure pump overload protection for longer life of the pressure pump

The control part is completely separated from the ink path part

The ink bottle and additive bottle capacity is 500ml, no need to stop during operation, add ink and solvent at any time.

 Solvent bottle level detection, solvent-free alarm