In the food and beverage industry, products or packaging often need to print coding & marking, food packaging of various specifications or directly on food can be printed (expiration date, production batch number, manufacturer name or promotional information(multinational language word) and product logo or graphic), which facilitates manufacturers to effectively manage the market, so the coding & marking technology is Widely used in the food and beverage industry, BTMark continuous Inkjet printer can meet the needs of the food and beverage industry. 

BTmark cij printer adopts non-contact Cij technology and print head heated,  regardless of high temperature or damp. And then in the cold and low temperature environment, we can also achieve good print quality.

The printheads are available in 360° footprints, making it easy to dispense anywhere in your product.

The printing function is powerful, automatically display and print the product count, meter, batch number, serial number, printing time, etc., without having to edit and adjust by yourself. Automatically change the date, real-time time, serial number, database, etc.; freely choose the printing delay, repeat printing, reverse reverse font printing. It can be automatically printed on the external electronic scale and scanner. To provide you with the most convenient and efficient logo.


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